Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am finally home from Franklin and all settled in! Actually I've been home for two weeks! Time just seems to be flying by!

We had such a great time in Franklin! The first week I was there with Anna-Kate and Thomas. That was pretty exhausting but we were able to get in some good quality time with family that we don't always get to visit.

Anna-Kate especially loves her cousins. School was cancelled because of all the flooding in Nashville, so my grandmother kept all three of them. Bryant is almost 9 and Connor and Greer just turned 6. Greer has always been known for being extremely girly! One of her first sentences was "not coote." I'm pretty sure she learned how to walk in a pair of heels before she was 2.

I knew Anna-Kate would love spending time with her! The girls played school and Greer let Anna-Kate wear her high-heel dress up shoes, and they got to boss the boys around.

Later that week my sister and I watched all of the kids!

We made home made pizzas for dinner. Anna-Kate loves making it at home! (If you have not tried Pioneer Woman's pizza crust... you're missing out!!) I think the kids all really enjoyed getting to pat out their own crust and put the toppings on it just the way they wanted.

Bryant made a really good pizza!

Greer did not like the feel of the dough, so Grandma helped her shape it! Connor, loved it though!

Here's Anna-kate laying with Greer! She really loves her! I just think Greer is so pretty!

Here's Thomas getting some cuddle time in with Aunt Sara!

While we were in Franklin, Thomas really started rolling over. I think he finally realized that the tummy can get you places!

Here's Miss Anna-Cakes in her new apron from Aunt Sara!
I wish I had one to match!!

Anna-Kate went back to Searcy with Derek's parents so that just left me and Thomas in Franklin for week two!

Just when we were starting to get anxious, I got a phone call at 5:30 am saying that my sister was in labor!! Luckily Thomas and I were already up... so we headed on over!

Thomas spent the whole day at the hospital with us. He did SO good!! I just could not get over how well behaved he was!

My sister asked me to be in the room with her when she delivered. It was a really neat experience being on the other side of things! She did so good though! Baby Luke was born around 3:00 that afternoon! And I got to cut the cord!!

Here's one of the first snapshots of Luke. He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz! Tiny little guy!

Well... tiny compared to my monster ;)

My sister and baby Luke got to go home the very next day!

The boys slept all the way home!

I told you he looks like a monster next to Luke!

Here's baby Luke in his swing! He's so alert.

My sister ended up handling everything really well. She had no complications and Luke is just a very good baby! His second night home, he pretty much slept all night!

Needless to say, I felt like there was not a lot for me to do. So Derek and Anna-Kate came to pick us up Saturday!

Of course I dressed Thomas up in his baseball outfit for Derek!

Not liking the hat...

Silly boy!

Thomas and I were SO glad to see Anna-Kate and Derek! I missed Anna-Kate so bad. We spent the night in Lepanto and came home after church Sunday night. It was so nice to finally be back in my own bed!


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