Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 or 6 to 4

I really couldn't come up with a good title for this post since it covers so much so I just used the title of my favorite song of all time.

Christmas was a blur for the most part. We spent time in Lepanto with my Dad's family which was a blast. I love the Kelsos (Dad's cousins). They're so much fun. We did a dirty Christmas present swap and our choice of a pig cookie jar worked out perfect for Steve who got stuck with it. Could not have been better. We went from there to Franklin for about a week and enjoyed a couple nights with Nicki's dad before spending a few days at her Grandparents. I finally got to meet Sara's man Jeremy and I absolutely loved him (in a completely heterosexually way of course). Finally we got back home to have Christmas as a family. By the time we got back I was fairly stressed with all the travel and ready for 2009.

We rang in the new year with my mom's family in Fayetteville. It was good to see them after a long time away. We spend the first day of the year with some good family friends, the Hankins. Steve Hankins was a college friend of Dad's at Harding and a former executive at Tyson Chicken.

After returning home we were blessed with the good news that T Lamarr was ready to hire Nicki full-time. I am so proud of her. She is such a true professional. She's up every morning at 5 and out the door by 6:15. I've even started getting up with her so we have more time together. It isn't all roses. We miss each other plenty but with me still busy with school it seems like it may get easier over time.

In addition to Nicki's career advancement, Little Miss Baby Cakes is growing like a weed. We don't have many new pics since Nicki left her camera in Franklin. She got a baby doll and she loves to hold it, rock it, feed it, etc. She is getting so mature and I am one proud daddy.

As for me, I'm finishing my final 6 hours of undergrad and am already doing some grad work. I hope to walk with my BBA in May and my MBA in 2010. I hope to have a job by May here in Searcy somewhere in the banking industry. I have become very facinated with it recently....yeah I'm a dork.

It's been tough lately watching all of my friends working and seeing Nicki having career success while I'm still in school. I'm so ready to be done. So far so good though, we are moving into that adult phase of our lives, family, jobs, and no Spring Break!!


sara said...

haha "in a completely heterosexual way"! i really enjoyed the update. hope to see you all soon! lots of love!! xoxo

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