Saturday, December 13, 2008

A semester long project, two presentations, a test, one mild freakout, a Christmas Tree and a lingerie shower later...

Well, this is about a week later than I had intended, but I had to share details from our busy week, last week! (The title pretty much sums it up for me!) Derek, had two papers to write on top of that! Needless to say, we've been awfully busy! On the plus side, Derek and I just finished our finals yesterday, so we're officially on Christmas Break today!! What a great relief for both of us! For me, this was my LAST round of finals!! Next semester I have ONE class, my senior art show, so there is no final in that class! I am looking forward to graduating and being done with school completely. I am kind of sad that I won't be graduating with some of my friends on Saturday, but can you imagine?? I did not want to make things extra stressful this Christmas since our graduation is 5 days before Christmas! So now, Derek and I both will be graduating May 9, 2009! Just around the corner! Derek will be getting his Masters and so he will still be in school until August of 2010. Not too bad to be a master! :) I am so grateful for Derek! He really deserves something special, not just for putting up with me... but also because he has really had to pull some extra weight around here! Derek does all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry...and whatever else he finds needs to be done- all while watching Anna-Kate! I hate to admit it, but that's just the way things have been around our house! My school work demands so much of my time! I know I constantly have talked about all the work that I have to do, so I hope to be posting my portfolio soon, just so I can show you what all they have interior design majors do! I did decide to put up a picture of a room that I had to draw in sketch up.

It may not look like much, but I had to draw this bedroom in 3D! This is the foundation I use for my renderings. What I do is just print this off and then lay a piece of paper over the print out and trace it, softening some of the lines and adding a few details where needed. Then I apply color and shadows, to make the space seem more realistic. I had to do four of these for my project last week, unfortunately, I do not have any final products to show.

Last Friday, I helped host a lingerie shower for one of my good friends that is getting married in June. It was so much fun! Of course I loved the chance to host people in our house! Plus, we decided on a Christmas theme so all of my holiday decor went along with the party!!

Here are the petit fours I ordered! I thought they turned out perfect!

Derek actually came up with the idea of decorating ginger bread men!

I did a few to show what to do

I also got to try out two new recipes! One was for a hot chocolate mix and the other was for Christmas pecans!! I loved both of them!! The pecans were fabulous!! I have already got the stuff to make another batch before we leave for Franklin!!

These are the girls at the party- we decided to get a goofy pose too. (I was the photographer, convenient, I know ;)

Well tomorrow is Harding's graduation and I have to say goodbye to several of my friends for good! It really is going to be hard for me! Luckily, I still have a few close friends around, but when they leave, it's going to be hard! But it does give me a great excuse to travel! After graduation tomorrow we have Christmas with Derek's grandmother and then Sunday is a Christmas party with some of Derek's dad's cousins. Monday we leave for Franklin and we will be there for a whole week! I am looking forward to Anna-Kate's second Christmas with us! It's going to be fun!

I forgot to mention this, but Anna-Kate and Derek went to a Christmas party on Friday night, while I had the shower here. I found this purse that I used to carry when I was little and it has been a hit with Anna-Kate! Here's baby cakes all ready for her Christmas party!! Derek said she was so proud of her purse, that she had to prance it around!


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