Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grocery Store Mishap

Some of you are probably going to think I'm a big wuss for admitting this but I have not gone to the grocery store on my own, with both Anna-Kate and Thomas!

I avoid it like the plague!

There is absolutely nothing that appeals to me about juggling an unpredictable baby and a testy toddler/ preschooler!

I know that most women are a lot more brave than I... In fact today I saw a woman with 4 children doing her weekly shopping!


Sometimes I want to stop these women and ask how they do it- but then I realize they don't have time to chat... they've got 4 little ones!

Well today was a bit different. I don't know where my mind has been. I went to the store and forgot several things that I needed.


So when I picked Anna-Kate up from school (mistake numero uno) I thought it would be great to just take her out to the store with me to grab the three things I needed.

Thomas was fussing before I even left to get Anna-Kate. He was in a funky mood today anyway. When I got to Anna-Kate's school, she was pretty worn out too. (Clue number 2!)

I persevered though, knowing I just had to have those 3 things at the store.
dryer sheets
paper towels

So, we walk in and I went to grab a cart but Anna-Kate insisted on me pushing a grocery cart that has a car in the front.

ugh. I can NOT stand these carts! I look like a complete and utter fool when I drive these things!

So here I go, swinging these wide turns and bumping into everything I can. Just to get my three little items. I grabbed the dryer sheets and then the frosting. On my way out Anna-Kate sees raisins (her favorite snack) and so I had to grab a bag of those too.

"Great", I think, "I'm all done!"

At the check out I realized that I left the debit card in the car! So I had to get both kids out of the cart, park the thing and run out to the car to get it.

On our way back in Anna-Kate decided she wanted to ride the race car again. Of course I told her no that mommy just needed to pay for the groceries and then we were leaving.

Oh. my. word.

If it wasn't just last week I said "oh, Anna-Kate doesn't really throw fits. Especially in public"

Okay moms- laugh at me...

get it all out...

So here I am trying to pay for three measly items and my child is wailing. I've got another one on my hip who's not too thrilled either.

I paid, grabbed my groceries and my crying child and RAN out!


Not happening again. At least for a month.

And I still forgot the paper towels!

And it's 10:00 and I've not used that frosting or ran any laundry. I didn't need those items this afternoon.

any advice is welcome.

I am not a negative person and I do like to think I don't complain a lot but I'm not perfect! Sometimes juggling two is exhausting! It has been a HUGE adjustment for me! I'm so much more comfortable balancing them now that Thomas is on more of a routine.

On a side note, I have to mention that Derek and I wanted to try a new dish so bad but we just didn't have time this week with Easter! I should be really cool and tie one of the French recipes with our Easter dinner but I'm just not cool.

So, next week we should be back on schedule to post about our cooking journey!


Ashley_E_2009 said...

You go girl for taking both of them! I was so terrified to take Addi anywhere until she was about a month old, just because I was afraid she would have a meltdown or something. Even if we are somewhere now and she starts fussing I try to calm her down, but I honestly stopped caring what the other people thought! I think when people see you with a baby or in your case a baby and a toddler, most of them who've had kids think back to when they were in our situations and they understand. And the ones who don't, or who don't have kids, who cares what they think! They will find out what it's about sooner or later! Haha, hope that made you feel better.

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