Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days... Household Notebook Part 2

Okay, I hope I have not lost you yet! I promise not all of my posts will be as overwhelming and long! I'm a little embarrassed about how wordy my posts are getting! 

So the first part of my binder has a tab for important information, scheduling/ daily planning, and menus. If you missed out on this post, you can read about it here

I've got a tab for my cleaning too. 

I decided to organize my focus each day, so I wrote that down and it's at the front of my cleaning section. I tried to get a good picture so you can make it larger and see what those days are. Feel free to ask though if you can't! 

I printed a page that has "recipes' for homemade cleaning solutions. I have planned on making my own laundry detergent and even dish washing detergent, but for right now I like to have this page for the quick substitutions. For example, I used baking soda to clean my shower and it worked great!

I found a checklist for deep cleaning each room of the house here. I will be going through those checklists this month for our fall cleaning! 

One page I really liked was a home maintenance checklist. It has a place to check off things that need to be done each month, like cleaning and inspecting the basement, and inspecting the hoses on washing machines and dishwasher. Things I would probably not think about!

I have been wanting to get in a better habit of letting Anna-Kate do chores. Even Thomas is at an age where he can do some of the basic things. I have had trouble finding a chore chart that worked with our personalities. I found one at Simple Mom that lets you cut out a picture of their chores. They are simple things that Anna-Kate can definitely do. Once we find the chores that are working for her, I will just laminate one copy to save the the trouble of cutting out and arranging each chore chart. For now, I keep my extras in this section.

I have a tab for goal setting and Bible reading and Inspirations that I have not made the time to use yet, so I'm going to exclude the links to those pages to simplify. Again, if you need the links to the ones I'm using please ask.

Okay, one of my very favorite things to do is plan. I like to plan for all of the holidays and events in our lives. Like a year early. ha. I'm not that bad yet, but with this binder I could be! :) I have an awesome tab for birthday parties and a wonderful tab for all of the holidays! So you can look forward to me sharing the links to some pretty neat templates tomorrow!

Oh and you can look forward to me wrapping up my household notebook details tomorrow too! :) 


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