Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days... Command Central

Sorry this is a little late! :) 

By command central I mean your desk area or really just where you keep those things that are most important for day-to-day things, like your menu for the week, your bills, etc. 

I dream of having a space like this for my crafting/ sewing I think I'll be doing: 

But when it comes down to where I want to do my planning, bill paying and organizing- it is at a desk in the kitchen. Here are some of my favorite ideas for a kitchen workspace: 

In this kitchen, only the desk area has painted cabinets and the rest of the cabinets are white. I really like that idea. I also love the arch and all of the little drawers under the top cabinets.

I just love the colors in this! I really appreciate how neutral the cabinets and paint are and the way they use the accessories to add the color. It makes the space cheerful and inviting. I love the framed cork board and comfy chair too! The sections above the desk would be great for organizing papers/ bills- in neat file folders, so it stayed pretty of course! 

Of all of these pictures, I have to say that this is probably what my space will wind up looking like! I love the cork board across the back of the desk. I don't mind having a space that really shows the character of the family. This is just fun and inviting and relaxing to me! And again, the comfy chair is definitely a plus! 

This kitchen is actually one that the design firm I worked for was doing when I was there. It is an absolutely beautiful kitchen! I have been so inspired by this design and I will probably wind up putting some of these elements into our house one day. I love the simplicity of this. I would probably wind up using one of the cabinets for my personal things and might even design a filing cabinet or something to go on one side.

Okay, so now that you've seen what I'd like to have, here's my space right now:

Please ignore the ugly, maroon paint and horrible mustard walls! We have yet to paint our living room and dining room. When I get it painted the way I want, I'm going to add some fabric to the back of the desk to perk it up a bit! I actually really love this little area. It's a secretary that was built into the wall, so it just hangs there. I can close it if I ever clear it off enough, but usually it holds my household notebook and my teaching notebook and all.

It's really hard to share these personal pictures... especially after such pretty desk areas! Ha!

This is one area that tends to get dumped on. I realized the other day just how bad it had gotten. So I went through everything that had gotten piled up and decided to clean this space up.

It is still not perfect, but it's a working space, so it's never going to look perfect. I am just happy it's not such an eyesore!

What does your "command central" look like? Do you use a desk space or is it (like mine) just another place for stuff to accumulate?

If you missed it, I am doing a link up sharing 31 days of fall cleaning. I've spent the last few days talking about my household notebook and the pages that worked the best for me!


Kristin said...

What a timely post. I am designing my new office and needed some ideas. My work space is in a corner of the living room for now but not for long and my papers are all over the place. Thanks for the ideas!

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