Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

This year we traveled to Franklin to celebrate the Fourth with my side of the family! I didn't realize it, but this was Derek's first time celebrating the Fourth with us! I always love sharing family traditions with Derek. Maybe it's having the family all together or maybe it's just the food :), but the Fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays! I love it when we get a chance to see everyone together. In the last few years we haven't gotten to see everyone as much as we would like, so making the trip to Franklin was well worth it to me. Anna-Kate loved having all of the attention! Especially since everyone snuck her food!! Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Derek and Trenton did a nice job with the fireworks!

Table decorations Sara and I did.

Aunt Nancy feeding Anna-Kate some pound cake!

Anna-Kate loved Aunt Susan

Playing with Aunt Sara and Aunt Jessie.

Anna-Kate loves Greer!

We're going to miss Aunt Sara when she goes back to London!!
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