Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby's First Haircut!!

Well I finally broke and decided that little miss Anna-Cakes needed a haircut! I had already cut her bangs a little bit to keep them out of her eyes, but I decided taking her to a professional was the best bet! Unfortunately, today was a busy day, so Anna-Kate only got in an hour nap! So she was not too happy about someone messing with her hair! (If you've noticed, I've not really been putting her hair up in the little pebbles do, or attempted the pig tails again, because of this)Anna-Kate would not sit in the chair, so I ended up holding her. Which might have been okay, only Anna-Kate got food in her hair during lunch and we didn't have enough time to get it all out before her hair appointment! So, if you can imagine, she screamed and cried when her hair was combed through. But we were able to get her calm enough to trim it up a bit and Anna-Kate even got to comb the hair dresser's hair! Since I was the one holding Anna-Kate and Derek's not quite the photographer I attempt to be, I don't have the usual overabundance of photos to choose from... not that I'm not grateful! I actually thought it was really sweet that Derek wanted to go with us today!

About to get my first haircut!

Not so sure about it...

But these snacks help!

Here's the lock of her hair we saved for her baby book! haha

The back's done, now we just have to do the bangs!

Here's what my new haircut looks like! Not much different, but I like it! I've learned how to say 'bow' today! Even though I don't like it in my hair for long!

By the way: Thanksgiving break is only a week away and we are SO excited about it!!! :)


Lauren said...

She is so precious... I really want to see you while your home for Thanksgiving, let me know what day and time is good for you!

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