Saturday, November 22, 2008


Sounds strange to say it but this is my last Thanksgiving break. Since Nicki and I will be part of the "real world" next year we won't have the luxury of a whole week off to travel and see family. That being said, we are taking full advantage this week.

Nicki hitched a ride yesterday with a couple of friends and took herself and the baby to Franklin, TN where we will be spending the break. I have a dinner to attend Monday night plus regular weekend preaching duties so I will be following her early Tuesday morning. I can' remember the last time I spent four whole nights away from the two of them. It seems like forever but I hope it flys cause I love being with them, especially in Franklin. I am looking very forward to seeing that side of the family since it's been four months since the last visit.

In the mean time I am working on moving some stuff out of my parents attic and into my attic....kind of makes me wonder why I even have all of that stuff but I'm sure there was a reason at one time. I got so geared up last night moving it all that I kept going and got to a lot of projects that I had been putting off for lack of time and motivation. Today I hope to get to the leaf raking and maybe cleaning out my shed (future man cave...stay tuned for more on that :)

All in all this a much needed break and I am ready for every second of it. Pictures of our Franklin adventure should be up in the next few days. Till then....farewell.


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