Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Picture Update!

It's taken me a while to find the time to put the Halloween pictures up! So here you go!
Here's Kristen, Ben and Anna-Kate! I love this picture of them!
Anna-Kate says "Wait, I'm not ready..."
Sitting on the pumpkin!
Not sure what to do about the step...
I love the tutu!!!
We trick-or-treated at the neighbor's house! They were so cute!
Anna-Kate got to eat a blow pop!
Here's a picture of Anna-Kate this week at Ryne's game:
As you read on Derek's post, we decided to take a walk today! It was so nice! Here's some pictures I got of Miss Anna-Kate:
Waiting on daddy
I tried pig tails for the first time! They were a little crooked, but I couldn't get over how big they made her look!!
Picking up acorns
Sitting on the step
Still waiting.,.. C'mon daddy!!
We let Anna-kate walk next to us! She loved that!

Taking a break

Holding mommy and daddy's hand

"Hmm... which way do I go?"

Not sure what to think about sitting here

Dinner break: My first PB&J, I loved it!

Heading home before church!

This one is my favorite!

Now, here are a couple of video's so you can see a little bit more of Anna-Kate's personality! She has been shaking her head 'no' at just about everything! It started where she would say yes all the time, but then she liked saying no better! So we decided to try our best to catch it on camera... don't worry we were just playing with her. Then I decided to try to catch her playing peek-a-boo, but that didn't work, so I tried another one of her tricks! I love the anger expression on her face!

More house updates to come!!


sara said...

those videos are so adorable!!! i want more :) haha. love the blog!

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