Monday, June 15, 2009

Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out...

God had a different plan!

Isn't that how it always goes? I'm a big planner, so I feel like I'm constantly learning that lesson. Even today I was planning out my schedule and planning what we needed to do before the baby comes! For me it's something that allows me to set goals for myself and to stay motivated. I'm constantly reminded that a plan doesn't always go how you think. I'm always grateful when I look back and see how my plans didn't work, but how God's always do. It really is one of the most amazing things to me! So, here's to a new plan!!

Derek and I are just trying to take things one day at a time. We have faith that everything will work out! In the mean time, I'm eating up the time I get to spend with Anna-Kate now!! What an amazing little girl I've been blessed with! I'm completely caught up in how perfect she is! It's such a blessing to have her joy in my life. It's what keeps me going! It's hard to believe that Anna-Kate will be 2 next month! She's talking in sentences pretty regularly and really beginning to interact with Derek and I on a competely different level. She loves to sing and dance and definately has my playful nature. She can really be a tease sometimes! We're also seeing a new side to her... the beginning of the terrible two's! I definately believe that this stage hits at a time when they're so cute and funny to help balance the stubborness and tantrums! The tantrums are just beginning for her, so for now I'm trying to keep a good humor about things... for my sanity!

Yesterday, Anna-Kate and I went to the store. On the way home she got a little anxious to play, so I started pointing at businesses and houses along our way home asking if they were our house. Anna-Kate loved it! She laughed at me and said "no mommy!!" I even had her saying "silly mommy". Finally we got to the house and she was so excited! She recognized it and squealed. Later, I had her tell Derek about it. Usually when I have Anna-Kate tell Derek about our day, she's not really in to things and I wind up telling him but last night she just took off babbling to Derek about houses and how Mommy couldn't find our house!! It was the cutest thing! Derek and I were laughing so hard! We couldn't understand everything she said but she was definately trying to tell him!! Derek asked, "Was mommy confused?" and Anna-Kate said yes!

This week Mrs. Cindy Isom was in town, so we had her do some 2-year pictures! I was pretty upset with myself for not getting 18 month pictures made- and for not even being on top of taking my own pictures! I think these pictures make up for it though! I really just wanted to play and take some more artistic shots of Anna-Kate. Photography is a hobby of mine and I love to read photographer's blogs and see what interesting and creative shots they do. I think the artistic shots are definately more my taste. So I talked with Cindy and told her that we wanted to just play and capture Anna-Kate's personality! I could not be more pleased with what Cindy was able to get!! I really think that Cindy is extremely talented! I can't wait to post more pictures from our sessions, but here's the sneak peak she's given me!!

She had to have her blankie with her!

I love this one!!

I love this one, but not just because it's a great picture... this rocking chair was my Grandfather's and my sisters and I used to play in it!!

She's such a doll!!

I promise I will post more when I get a chance!! Cindy's the best!


Karlye said...

I LOVE the pics of Anna Kate! Especially the one where I can see your growing belly! What a neat shot! Hope you are doing well! =)

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