Monday, June 29, 2009

"Hewp Mommy"

I just had to share a story from this morning! I decided to meet Derek up at his office, so I told Anna-Kate that we were going to get ready and go see Daddy. She was so excited! I went into my closet, pulled out a pair of some black shorts (that did fit just a couple of weeks ago...) and put them on. When I pulled them up I realized that my belly was sticking out a little farther than it had been and I couldn't button my pants!! I looked at Anna-Kate who was watching me and said "Oh no! Mommy can't button her pants!" Anna-Kate ran over to me and said "I hewp, Mommy!" It was so cute and funny!

At least we know my belly is growing! Happy Monday!!


sara said...

oh my this is so precious. i'm glad i checked your blog and read this because it totally made my day :)

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