Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love Lamp...

I love phone...

I love remote...

I've noticed a little pattern with Thomas. He's got a bad habit of playing with things that aren't really toys... he mostly prefers electronics. Every time I talk on the phone he reaches for it! He especially loves my iPhone. I think it's probably the pink and black color of my case that gets his attention. It's cute... but not so cute when I notice that under my screen protector is a layer of slobber! Maybe we have some sort of future engineer on our hands?? :)

Okay, so Thomas is now half- a year old!! I am just in shock! Where has the time gone?! On top of that, my baby girl is going to be 3 in just over 2 months!

I don't know exactly how much Thomas weighs... but we have a well baby visit next Wednesday (boo shots!) He's a very big baby though! Last night we were able to stand him up in the pantry and mark his height. We've been doing this with Anna-Kate for a year now and it's absolutely amazing to see how much she's grown in such a short amount of time!

Thomas is mostly wearing 6-12 month size or 9 month. The different brands really make a difference. He's still wearing some 3-6 month things but I know it's not for long! Shorts look like pants on him though because his legs are so short!

Thomas has now eaten sweet potatoes, cereal, apple sauce and avocados. He loves the sweet potatoes and apple sauce the most! At first he wasn't sure about the avocado but he seems to really like it now. I got him to finally like cereal this morning by adding a bit of cinnamon. He mostly eats once a day but sometimes I give him a bit of apple sauce if he seems interested in my breakfast. I'm still making his baby food for right now and I really enjoy it! I just finished making him some butternut squash and I think he's going to like it! I'm making most of his baby food and I really enjoy it. I've been feeding him solids just once a day, usually when we're all eating dinner because that's when he cluster feeds to prepare for bedtime! That's been working really well for us. He now has 2 bottom teeth in, so I've given him some wheat teething biscuits. He really likes to chew on those!

Thomas is sitting up better, but I still like to have pillows around him because he still doesn't seem to have much control. He's finally tolerating his tummy! I've noticed that he will get his elbows up under him but that's about all he can do. I will not be surprised at all if he scoots like Anna-Kate did.

He's a very happy, snuggly boy! He loves to look around and watch people. I've noticed that Thomas will study new faces before warming up to them and smiling. Who knows, he might be a shy child! (I can't imagine how since Derek and I are pretty outgoing!)

I could go on and on about what Thomas has been doing but I'll spare you!


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