Monday, April 5, 2010

LIttle man stole the show!

This weekend was a really great weekend for Thomas!! He was just so happy and full of life!

Saturday evening I laid him down in his bed to get his jammies out and he started to play with me! He would take his little blankie and cover his face and then when I said "where's Thomas?" He'd pull it back and just grin and giggle! It was absolutely the sweetest thing!

Then I noticed he was saying "ma ma ma ma...". What a sweet surprise!! :) Completely melted my heart!

Thomas now says it when he gets upset and wants to be picked up (usually by me).

Sunday the weather was pretty overcast but that made for great pictures! Thomas was really happy after his nap so I roped Derek into helping me get some pictures! I know there's a lot but I just can't narrow them down! I love all of them!!

Some of the colors in the photos are a little off because I was playing with the saturation when I edited them! He's such a sweetie! I can't believe how fast time has flown!


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