Wednesday, June 2, 2010

7 Months Old!!

Seems like I am always playing catch up...

Thomas turned 7 months May 14 when we were in Franklin! It seemed like he was doing all kinds of new things while we were there!

I took him to the doctor for shots last week and he weighed 18 pounds 9 oz. He was 27" long. Both of those are in the normal range but he still seems so big to me!

He's wearing size 6-12 months or 9 month things. He can wear some 12 month onesies too.

Thomas has started eating solids twice a day now. He still nurses the rest of the time. Some days he pigs out and other's he doesn't seem interested in food. He started eating Cheerios in Bible class on Wednesday nights. I made zucchini and pears today (not mixed!) and Thomas went crazy over the pears! He was hesitant about the zucchini but eventually he chowed down on those. He's not really picky, he just doesn't like different textures very much.

While we were in Franklin he had a lot of time playing on the floor and was really happy. I got so tickled watching him just roll and roll. He was pretty proud of himself too! He loves to throw himself on his tummy when he's sitting down. He has been army crawling but still is not raising up on his knees. I'm not at all anxious for him to crawl because I'm pretty sure he's going to be into everything! He's a very busy little boy!

He started pulling up in Franklin just a little but hasn't really done it since. He also learned to clap! It's so sweet! All you have to do is say patty-cake and he'll start clapping.

Thomas has been sleeping SO good!! He sleeps about 10-12 hours at night, wakes up to eat and then will sleep for another 2-3 hours!

I feel like Thomas has just really come to life this last month. He's just so happy and full of energy! I've loved watching him play. He is just so sweet! He absolutely loves his big sis! She makes him laugh and squeal!

I know this is crazy, but I did not have a baby bathtub for Thomas. I got in the habit of taking a bath with Anna-Kate because it helped calm her down when she was fussy and she would nurse really well after. So I just didn't worry about it with Thomas. If I'm in a hurry I just give him a bath in the sink! My sister had a bathtub for her baby, so Thomas got to use baby Luke's tub! I got some really cute shots of him in it!

I love his eyelashes...

and all of the rolls!!

Sweet boy!


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