Friday, June 25, 2010

Bath Junkie

Bath time has become one of my favorite things! Anna-Kate has always loved to take baths but not as much as Thomas does! He absolutely cracks me up.

Sometimes Thomas get's really froggy and starts jumping all over the place instead of sitting in my lap. It's really cute because he's so serious about getting the toys!

Last night I got brave and decided he could take a bath by himself. I ran a little bit of water and put him in. I kept a good watch on him but he was doing really good so I gave him a little space. Then I saw his toys float away. Instead of reaching for them he just flopped over on his tummy and tried to crawl after them! It was so funny. He was moving so fast! He did it 3 times while he was in the bath last night! I didn't let him do it for long because I was so afraid he would swallow some water.

I'm still laughing about it!

This cracked me up too because he was just sticking the letter in his mouth and going on to play with another toy!

I love her!

Our new pup, Maddie was curious about their baths!


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