Friday, June 11, 2010

My Wonderful Cuties

I could not think of a blog post around these pictures, but I think they're too cute not to share!!

I took these the Sunday I got back from Franklin... so about a month ago. When Derek picked Thomas and I up the plan was to go to our house but we got delayed in Franklin and ended up leaving later than we though. It was midnight by the time we made it through Memphis so we decided that we would just go on to Lepanto. One of the benefits of having a "second" home! :) Lepanto is only 30 minutes away from West Memphis, so our house there has come in handy!

Derek had a dress shirt in the car that he left in Franklin a while back so we stopped and grabbed him some khaki's. My cousin bought Anna-Kate a little outfit for the 4th of July and I didn't want it to get crushed when I sent her back so I had that for her to wear.

It was SO cute on her!! I absolutely love that outfit! I had to get several pictures of her wearing it to share.

I love my chubby cheeked kiddos!!


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