Thursday, September 16, 2010

County Fair

Tuesday afternoon Anna-Kate had a half day for parent/ teacher conferences so I picked her and Kristen up. We went to eat lunch with the family and then came to our house to play!

The girls made tiaras... which they loved! They were so cute putting the stickers on and then wearing them for a while after!

After we played for a while, we went to the county fair with my friend, Liz and her son Ben! I was very glad to have an extra set of hands! Thanks Ryne! Thomas fussed most of the time but the girls really enjoyed it!

We took them over to see all of the animals!

They had chicks and hatchlings (those were my favorite... so sweet!)

and goats

and sheep

and a Zebu

Kristen didn't like the cows moo-ing at her! This was right before one of these ducks bit Anna-Kate! After that she asked "do they bite?" before she'd pet any animals!

and a miniature pony

and longhorns

and a yak

I loved the little Bison!

and cows

This is a Scottish Highlander... he was pretty cute!

and little piggies! 

The girls got to feed the animals!

We went pretty early so there was not a big crowd at all! After we pet the animals, the girls and Ben went for a pony ride! They loved it!

Then we walked around and got snow cones and cotton candy... but I figured Derek's parents were keeping them, so no worries about the sugar high! Ha!

After the fair the girls were WORN out! I took them to Derek's grandmother's house so that I could go meet Derek for parent teacher conferences!

I know I'm a dork, but I was so excited about going to hear what the teacher's thought of Anna-Kate! Of course, she's right on track and doing really well! She's only brought one note home because she did not take a nap and talked the whole time! Anna-Kate's teacher makes a portfolio and keeps certain papers the whole year so we can see how she's learning. Anna-Kate has never been one for coloring or drawing much. I've tried to get her interested in writing letters and drawing shapes but it just didn't interest her. Honestly, I think we are too much a like for me to be able to really teach her! So far most of her papers and drawings were just scribbles but they told us that's the first step. I'm really excited to see her drawing more shapes and making people!

Anna-Kate's class has had color days. Tuesday was purple (that's why the girls were both matching). Their class made a book with the adventure of the purple crayon. Each child "drew" some part of the adventure with a purple crayon. Anna-Kate had "the adventure" to draw! Haha! Very abstract!

When we got done, we went to get Thomas and Anna-Kate. Thomas was super sleepy so I got to nurse him to sleep and then he snuggled with me for a while. I love it when he sleeps on me!!

We laid him down when we got home and he slept Wednesday until after 11! I was sad to miss Ladies Class, but I know he needed to sleep in!

Derek and I volunteered to do a home bible study so that some of the parents with small kids can still go to a home bible study but don't have to be far from them. (We are right across the street!) So, I spent some time cleaning and getting ready for that yesterday too.

I'm really enjoying it! Derek is leading the class and he always does such a great job!

This morning Thomas decided to sleep until 9, so we were late to MOPs. (Mother's of Preschoolers) I can't remember if I mentioned that I have started doing stuff with this or not! I missed the first actual meeting so this was my first time going, excluding the kick off mixer! I'm really looking forward to meeting other moms!! I had a lot of fun today! Hopefully next time we wont be late! :) 


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