Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Role

It wasn't too long ago that I was blogging about my decision to stay at home. If you read closely I did mention that if our financial situation got to where I needed to work, then I would. 

Of course, just as I was enjoying life at home... I made the decision that I needed to get a job. It's a decision that I've been struggling with for the last month now. 

I know, I know... bad blogger for not sharing! I was honestly just so filled with anger that I couldn't bring myself to be such a negative blogger! 

Derek and I both have been looking for a job, with the hope that Derek would be able to find something that was good enough for me to continue on at home. I had two job interviews but none of them wanted me! Ha! 

From the beginning of my job search I thought about working at this really cool place just up the street. She makes casseroles ahead of time and people can just drop in and pick up one for lunch or dinner! I think it's a really cool concept and I really enjoy cooking. Plus, I live just 2 minutes away! 

Well, the woman who owns it decided to take a chance on me! I started yesterday afternoon! I will be working from about 11- 6 M-F. I'm really excited because I still have the mornings to get everything in order and to go to my Ladies Bible Class and the MOPs meetings!! I am super excited about this because missing those things has been tearing me up the most! (Next to missing out on being at home with Thomas and picking Anna-Kate up from school, of course!) 

Sorry for the shameless self- promotion, but I wanted to show you where I work! I was standing at the end of our sidewalk! See how close it is?! :) Oh and if you live in our ward- you better vote for Derek! haha just kidding!

I had so much fun yesterday! I was pretty busy so I didn't have much down time to think about missing Thomas or Anna-Kate! Plus, I needed to run an errand, so I was able to stop by and nurse Thomas! 

Derek and I are looking for a babysitter/ nanny to keep Thomas and then pick up Anna-Kate from school and keep her. So for now, we're just taking it one stressful day at a time! :)

Thomas did SO good while I was away yesterday! 

When I got home, Anna-Kate was playing outside, Derek was sweeping off the driveway, Thomas was taking a nap...

dinner was on the table, the table was set AND

Derek had cleaned up his mess in the kitchen already! 

I just have one question... why on earth is 3:30-5 the witching hour for me?? When Derek gets home, Anna-Kate is usually laying on the floor with her blankie, whining and Thomas is usually wandering around fussing or on my hip... dinner is rarely done on time and there's no way I've even thought about sweeping off the driveway! Why was it so easy for him?? You know I'm just kidding, but it does make me think... ha!

Oh I have to share this story from yesterday morning!! Yesterday we all woke up a bit late, so Derek and I decided that we would just go to chapel with Anna-Kate. We tried to tell her, so she knew what to expect but when we walked in she bawled because she couldn't sit with her class! Derek tried to calm her and was telling her she had to sit with us. At the same time they were right in the middle of the devotional talk! The speaker said, "Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?" Right then Anna-Kate yelled (in response to Derek) "NO!!" haha! It completely sounded like she was replying to the speaker! I had hoped that since we were sitting in the back no one would really hear, but she really yelled it out!

Here's Anna-Kate in chapel, obviously upset!

Thomas doesn't look excited here, but he enjoyed chapel!

Today my schedule was bit crazier. I just worked from 12:30-4, but it still worked out for me. I'm really hoping to find someone who is flexible and can work with the craziness of it all! I had a good day... even if I did mess up a batch of cornbread! Boo to me! Luckily, I was given a little bit of grace, but I just really hated messing up! I'm hoping for a little bit more cooking success tomorrow!

When I got home, dinner was already done. Thanks to me! I was able to throw some things in the crock pot for pot roast! :) I love when I can use my crock pot!! We ate an early dinner and then I picked up while Derek gave baths. After that, Thomas went to bed and Derek went campaigning. Anna-Kate and I decided to go on and make chocolate no-bake cookies for Bible study tomorrow! Haha... you know just on a whim!

We both wore our aprons, which I loved!

It is SO hard to keep miss thing out of everything!! Everytime I turned my back she'd have her little fingers in the peanut butter, or in the sugar mixture! lol! She kept saying "I like sugar! I like the butter!"

I'm not sure when the last time I made these cookies was, so Anna-Kate did not know what to expect! When I told her to scoop some out and drop it down, she just kept piling it on! haha! 

Can you tell where she dropped hers? haha!

Derek informed me mine were too large, but I like big cookies! :)

I'm so glad that I was able to squeeze in a little one-on-one time with Anna-Kate! I want to get in as much time with her as I can!

Now I'm off to go make some buttermilk pies! Yummy! 


Ashley E. said...

That's such a cool job! Congrats!!! That's awesome your so close.

Nicki said...

Thanks Ashley! It's great being just a min away! You should try the food! It's delish!

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