Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Monday-Week 27

I have no clue what week we're on!! But I know it's been way too long! 

Here's what's cooking this week: 

Spinach and Chicken Lasagna

Homemade Pizza

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas (my sister's recipe!) 

Ham and Cheese Sandwiches 

Breakfast- eggs, sausage, home made biscuits and gravy 

What's on your menu this week? 

Comment below and share! 


Amanda Lowery Money said...

Here's what we're making this week!

derekandnicki said...

Thanks so much for linking up! :) You're so sweet to keep posting... even if it is just the two of us! haha! 

Megan said...

Yummy!!! The chicken and spinach lasagna sounds amazing!!!

derekandnicki said...

Thanks Megan! It is really good... even my 4 year old and 21 month old ate it!! 

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