Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am SO glad to be back!! 

I'm loving that we had a wonderful, long, holiday weekend! We spent Saturday shopping, cleaning, cooking (peach crisp), grilling (beef tenderloin-yum!) and spending quality time with family and friends! 

I'm not loving that I got sick on Saturday night and so that's all I did this weekend- except rest! Thank goodness we had a busy, fun Saturday! :) 

I'm loving Stephanie and her wonderful little invite to Pinterest. I've seen several people on there but just didn't get the whole idea... didn't take me too long to see that and now I'm hooked! Don't search me just yet, I have NO clue what I'm doing! ha! 

I'm loving how well Anna-Kate's party is coming together!! A few months ago, Anna-Kate chose the movie 'Up' as her theme, based off this amazing party here. I wanted to personalize it a bit since I knew she picked the party because of all the balloons and not the movie itself. (She's probably seen it twice...) I don't want to spoil it for you, but here's her party invitation that I am proud to say I designed from scratch! :) 

I'm loving that we were finally able to recover our dining chairs! I was so nervous that my fabric wasn't going to make it! I hope to have a better picture eventually but I couldn't wait to share how cute they were! 

I'm loving my sweet babies! They have grown so much. I love to watch them play and interact every day! 

I'm loving that Anna-Kate finally drew herself! It is absolutely adorable! I have yet to get her to draw herself again though. 

I'm loving my amazing hubby! We are celebrating 5 years in just ten days! I'm so proud of him! He has been working so hard to get his business growing and today he found out that he was selected "new financial advisor of the month" in his region! (I know he won't love that I shared that- ha!) 

What are you loving? Link up and share! 


Taylor Kee said...

Welcome back!!!

derekandnicki said...

Thanks Taylor!! Feels good! :) 

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