Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting Scrappy!

A while ago, a very crafty friend mentioned that she was thinking about working a scrapbooking weekend (called Scrapbook Extravaganza) and wanted to see if I would like to join her. We could scrap the night before and then get all of the kits that they pass out on Saturday if we just helped out with the classes they teach. Of course I was on board for that! It was a major savings and a great way to get started in scrapbooking! 

I have a scrapbook that I have had since Anna-Kate was a baby. It was supposed to be her first year scrapbook. I got it thinking that it was a pre-made one so it would be really simple to make. Then I realized that was just a little harder than I originally though... and so I was going to have a friend make it for me. I kept putting it off and eventually the scrapbook and all of the pictures I had printed off wound up in my attic! Horrible- I know! 

So, last weekend, I rescued my forgotten scrapbook and pictures out of the attic and took it with me to the scrapbooking extravaganza! I really had no clue what I was getting myself into! :) 

When I got there with my one bag of supplies I was in shock and I felt a little overwhelmed with all of the "stuff" everyone brought!

There were over 400 women and most of them had brought their own chairs and little lights and even drink holders that attach to a table and have a trash bag holder on them. Most everyone owned a cricut, which they had lining the walls and most everyone had huge rolling bags full of scrapbook tools and supplies. If I ever had any question about how expensive this little hobby could get... it was gone after last weekend! 

I didn't get much time to scrapbook Friday because I had to pick Derek up from the airport, but I did manage to spend just enough time there to realize that my scrapbook was horribly outdated! Saturday we got there at 7:30 and worked the show until 4:30. It was so much fun seeing all of the creativity that these women had! I loved getting ideas and seeing techniques. It was the perfect way to introduce myself to the whole world of scrapbooking! 

Around 4:30 we started in on our scrapbooks! The store in town that sponsors the show had set up their store that you could browse and shop. They would just scan your badge and you could pay when you left. (Pretty smart, since it's super easy to rack up a bill that way!) But probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend happened towards the end of the night. 

The yard sale. I cannot fully share how crazy of an experience this is! Basically the sponsoring store auctions off their scrapbooking supplies at a very discounted rate. If you've ever gotten out on black friday and fought the chaos, you have a slight idea of what I'm talking about! Only try it with a bunch of hobby-passionate women looking for a great deal! Don't worry, I snapped a little video just so you can see what I'm talking about! :) Just to warn you, it's about a minute long. 

I am just so grateful that I got to go to this! I had such a great time, got some wonderfully uplifting advice, and grew a friendship! Plus I now have the first 4 pages of Anna-Kate's scrapbook finished and tons of scrapbooking supplies to keep going! 


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