Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Sad I missed the What I'm Loving Wednesday! :( Yesterday I was a house cleaning machine... so when I look at my empty laundry basket and clean house, I get over it quick! 

This week has been a unique week for us! Thomas was a fussy little guy all weekend and I thought "Oh no- either the terrible twos have hit or he's sick." Either way is no fun and with us going to a camp this weekend, I wanted to make sure he was okay. Sure enough he has double ear infections. Poor thing! He never runs a fever, so sometimes it's just hard to know! I'm thankful we got it figured out and that he's feeling better already! 

I also made myself a doctor's appointment because I have not been able to hear for nearly 3 months now! I had a double ear infection back in September and I just could not get the fluid to clear up. I'm really sensitive and emotional about not being able to hear (it happens a lot) and I get tired of trying to explain to everyone why I'm constantly making them repeat what they're saying. Sometimes I act like I can hear what they say... even when I don't. I know that's bad to do but after three months like this, I'm just tired of it. Plus, I get really worried that I'm never going to be able to hear again! ha. Monday afternoon, I came home and I was worn out! I had spent the morning setting appointments and finishing up things on my to-do list and then I went to the store with Derek's grandmother to get things for this weekend. I had the worst headache and wound up going to bed early. Tuesday I felt okay but before lunch, my ear starting hurting really bad. I felt like the room was spinning. I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed! I was glad I made my appointment Monday before I felt sick at all! When I went to the doctor yesterday she said I have another ear infection! Hopefully I got something this time that will help with everything. I was able to push through yesterday and get everything on my list nearly done, so today I just have to make my cake pops and pack! I'm thankful for such a great doctor. I really enjoy going to see her and the fact that she always listens to me. And that she never makes me feel crazy- even though she probably thinks it! :) 

I know I mentioned this last week, but I'm so thankful for Derek! He's always willing to step in and help out. I really appreciate how hard he works for our family! He never complains- how awesome is that?! 

I'm thankful for all my little two year olds. I love seeing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays! They are so sweet and fun. Today we had a Thanksgiving feast and wore pilgrim hats and bonnets. Well that's what I planned... but they're two! :) I wished I would have gotten a picture of them while they had their hats on! So cute! 

I'm thankful for my sweet little girl too. She's been so good this week and excited about everything. Some weeks are a little stressful and for a while I've been complaining about how much harder 4 has been than I realized it would be. This week has seemed completely different. She has just been so helpful and funny! She's been excited about her hair appointment today and going to camp this weekend. She's been counting down the days! It's really neat to see how her concept of the days and the times is starting to form. 

Sorry for all my rambling! Like I said- I'm emotional from not being able to hear and this crazy week. ;) 

I'm so excited about this weekend! I've gotten most all of my cooking done and I'm ready to have a little down time. I'm so thankful for a weekend where we get to be with our family and relax! 


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