Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Perspective

Since May, I have had an ear infection about every 6 weeks. It has been driving me nuts, especially since it takes me about two weeks or more to get my hearing back! 

I get pretty down when my ears get infected because I have the hardest time hearing anyone. Thomas still does a lot of babbling, so when I can't hear I feel bad because I can't understand what he's saying. I know it's usually temporary but I always worry that it could be permanent. 

Tuesday I went to an ENT here in town. I had my hearing assessed and it was really bad! I did not realize it was that bad, especially because I thought one of my ears had "opened up" and it was not much better than the other. 

After looking at my ears more, he decided to put tubes in. I feel so silly being an adult and getting tubes! Right away I was able to hear so much better. It sounds differently, like I've got my hands cupped over my ears. As I was leaving it was almost overwhelming hearing things I've not heard in so long! 

Everyone finally sounds pretty normal, but I still sound strange when I talk. I just can't get over how much I can hear! Actually, I almost prefer silence because my ears throb when it's too loud. I have a whole new perspective! I can hear the cars when they drive by, I can hear my foot steps, and I've caught Thomas trying to be sneaky! 

I'm still a little sore from the tubes, but that should go away soon. Hopefully the tubes work and help keep the fluid out of my ears! 

 Derek has been really sweet to help out extra this week, since I've been pretty tired! He really is a great catch! :)

That's pretty much been our week! I got home around 2 on Saturday and I didn't leave the house until this morning. (Except going to the ENT on Tuesday) It's actually been really nice to slow down this week!

And just because I can't make a post without pictures here are a few favorites from this week: 

This was actually from last Friday... Anna-Kate and Granddaddy at the Father's and Grandfather's breakfast hosted by her class!
Our craft at Carpenter's Kids this week! I thought they turned out so cute! 
Tuesday, Thomas thought that his legs would make a better coloring book. He was SO proud too! 

Me and Thomas this morning! You can tell I'm still not feeling my best... haha but he's cute! :) 


Sara said...

I love catching up on your blog because it makes me feel more involved. The new design is really cool! I love your header. You are so talented. Miss you guys :) xo

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