Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saint Louis- MEGA Picture Post!

Better late than never, right?? :) I'm going to keep my comments down to a minimum because I've got some many pictures! Sorry if it's too much, but this post is for my memories and my Grandma. :) (Love you!)

We headed to Saint Louis to pick Derek up on Friday morning. We made sure to stop in Sikeston, MO at Lamberts, so the girls could catch a roll or two!

Best friends! I can't believe that Kristen will be 5 in two weeks... which means Anna-Kate is 5 in just 4 months! 
The girls were begging to see the arch. Once we drove by it and got settled into our hotel room we had planned to walk to it, but they informed us they had seen enough of the arch and wanted to swim! I would have posted pictures but Thomas was TERRIFIED of the water and I had no hands! :) 

We went to bed early that night but at 2:00 I heard the scariest sound and realized it was the alarm! It kept saying, "This is an emergency. Please exit to the nearest stairway and come down to the lobby." I'm not the most rational person at 2 AM, so you can imagine the thoughts going through my head while carrying a 2 year old down 7 flights of stairs! 

It turns out someone pulled the fire alarm but everything was okay. We all got back to the room, but it took everyone a long time to fall back asleep. 

Sweet boy was ready for the Zoo! 
And this was the face Anna-Kate decided to give me... apparently it's her goal not to smile in pictures 
I have the 2 AM fire alarm to thank for the puffy eyes! Thomas is joining in on the silly picture posing! 
Thomas kept begging to see the "bish in the waa waa".  The fish turned out to just be coins, but Anna-Kate got that when she yelled "DADDY!! There's money in the pond!" haha
After breakfast, we checked out and headed to the Arch! The girls and Thomas were a bit cranky from the lack of sleep... so we didn't stay too long! 

Big helper taking our luggage down
We lost our arch enthusiasm
Finally a picture with Derek! :) 

We had SO much fun at the Zoo!! 

We learned that Thomas is terrified of butterflies. I'm pretty sure he was traumatized after we went into the butterfly dome. Derek said he acted shell shocked like a war vet. Poor thing! We've been home for about 2 weeks and it's still bad! He's afraid of every flying bug he sees. :( 

We had so much fun at the zoo, we lost track of time and didn't get to see the last exhibits! We were a little disappointed, but worn out! 

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed home! 

Watching the fish... 
He loved the children's area

Watching the otter's eat! 

Anna-Kate had to ask the groundhog when spring was coming! 

We liked the goats from a distance... 
She loves animals
Already worn out at lunch but ready to see the Zebras! 
Excited for our train ride! 
Haha... I love this face of Thomas! 
Ryne being a typical teenager... 

Thomas loved the tiger! 
Carousel ride! 

Watching the giraffes! 
Yay! We finally found the Zebras! 

We had such a great time! I'm so glad we got to squeeze a little family time! 


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