Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Week

Anna-Kate's spring break has been this week, so we've been having lots of fun at home! 

Friday afternoon, we kicked things off by playing outside! Anna-Kate keeps calling tic-tac-toe "hopscotch", so I had to show her what hopscotch actually was. She and Thomas had lots of fun with that.

Derek had to work on Saturday, so I took Anna-Kate and Thomas with me to Sams. Thomas was a little grumpy, but other than that we had a really great little trip! (For those of you that don't know, we live in a small town so we have to drive about 35-40 minutes to get to Sams!) At the check out, "someone" dropped the yogurt on the floor! Sadly, I can't blame that on anyone... it was me! I felt so bad! I can be pretty clumsy! 

We also decided that Saturday was going to be Anna-Kate's first day blankie free! I want to go into more detail on that later, but I will say that the first few days were ROUGH! :) Poor girl! 
I might have gotten a weird look for taking a picture of this, but when you have two little ones and something gets dropped and it's NOT one of them, it's a pretty big deal! ;)

I spent Monday morning cleaning and getting things done around the house, but at lunch my ear was throbbing. I wound up spending a most of the day resting, trying not to make any noise so that my ear would quit hurting. I did have time to make some yummy spaghetti sauce (simmered all day). I love making meals when I can save some of it for another time! In this case, I have enough extra sauce for lasagna and another batch of spaghetti! I whipped up some cheesy garlic biscuits (Red Lobster copy-cat recipe) to go with our meal. It was great. As I was cleaning up I realized I was late to a big consignment pre-sale! I rushed over there and was shocked to see how busy it was!! I was late and there was still a huge line just to get in. Oh and the parking was crazy! The lines were crazy, so I just piddled around and took my time looking. I think some people were in line for at least an hour and a half! Crazy! I found a few really great pieces. Including a blue oxford shirt for Thomas that matches one of Derek's (Derek just LOVES matching outfits...ha ha). 

Tuesday, I tried out making some smoothies for the first time! I feel kind of embarassed about that but I just don't like the "grit" from the berries... and I can't stand chunks of fruit. I felt like it was important to stick it out so that the kids can have a healthy snack to enjoy. I think they thought it was kind of different, but I know they'll adjust to them. Thomas liked it the best. Anna-Kate's comment was "It's kind of getting on my nerves" talking about the texture from the berries. :)

Wednesday was another first for us, we went to the library for Story time!! A friend of mine mentioned that they went, so we met them at a nearby park and then went to hear the story! I loved it so much and Anna-Kate has asked about it every day. I think we will be back soon!

Story time was just what we needed to take our mind off the fact that Derek was gone to Saint Louis for business! I can't stand when he's away, but this trip is a little easier because we are meeting him in Saint Louis for a little vacation! (very little, but fun!)

The signature pose these days... 

It rained all day today, so I knew this morning was my only chance to run to the store. Do you ever feel like you're always out of something? Story of my life... haha. 

We just needed a few things, so we ventured down the Easter aisle! I love spring things! :) 

I still had a lot to do before we leave town, so I was pretty much in a cleaning/ cooking frenzy all day! Anna-Kate skipped her name so that she could help me make brownies and snicker doodle bread (thank you pinterest!!). She enjoyed it but right before dinner Thomas came in the kitchen saying something about her and when I checked on her she had fallen asleep! 

She was sitting up in the chair, but Thomas couldn't stand her being asleep so he tried everything to wake her up. Yelling "KATE KATE", hitting her leg... you name it. Eventually he settled for a good old gut punch, which was just enough to get a grumble out of her and a shift in position! ha poor girl! 

Notice, she's sleeping without any blanket! :) We have had the best blankie-free day today!
We had yummy chicken and dumplings for dinner and tried out the snicker doodle bread- yummy!! 

I've got every thing packed except what we need in the morning! We are leaving and picking up Derek's parents and brother and sister and then hitting the road! We are just staying one night, but I know we're going to have a blast! Anna-Kate is so excited about the Zoo on Saturday! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  


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