Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Festivities

I'm sad to say this but we weren't really festive this 4th of July.

Other than my red, white and blue pots with little flags stuck in I didn't have any decorations!
Well the pots are supposed to have red, white, and blue flowers but the red geraniums are all that really bloomed!

Derek took Friday off work, so we all got to spend an extra long weekend together. We worked outside a little bit and then we went swimming! Anna-Kate loves to swim! She has gotten really brave this year. Thomas is a little water baby too. He wanted me to hold him most of the time but he loved it! He enjoyed getting to splash everyone! I wish I had taken some pictures, but I swam too! :)

Saturday I went to see Eclipse (don't judge)! It was really good. I have not cared for the first two movies at all so I was very surprised. When I got home I had to scramble because I told Derek's parents and grandmother that I'd be making dinner for everyone! I made glazed pork ribs, fried corn, mashed potatoes, and fried okra. We also had rolls, fresh sliced tomatoes and watermelon! It was so good!! I am used to my family doing a big 4th party with lots of yummy food, so I always try to re-create some of the same foods for a little taste of home. Luckily I had Derek's help so it didn't take long to cook everything!

Sunday we were in Lepanto, so we just ate leftovers for lunch. Then the kids took a nap and Derek and I decided that sounded like a good idea also! When we got home that evening we met up with Derek's parents and their friends to shoot off fireworks! It was so much fun. Anna-Kate loved the fireworks... especially when she got to light a few. Don't worry I was not happy about this! Derek told me after the fact and I freaked! Thomas was tired but he enjoyed the fireworks too. The noise didn't seem to really bother him!

Isn't this just the saddest little pout ever??!!

Derek had Monday off too! We worked in the yard a bit and then went to his parents house to help them get their new swing set put together. After dinner, we did a few more fireworks for the girls. Everyone was really tired at that point! Derek and I went home and were wiped out!

Derek trimmed all of those limbs off our tree! Crazy!

My grandmother sent her some glow bracelets and she loved them!


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