Friday, August 5, 2011

Show Us Your Life- Blogging Tips

I have had a WONDERFUL  and yes, slightly stressful, first week at home! I am looking forward to posting about our week soon! Don't worry, I took plenty of pictures! 

Today, I wanted to link up with Kelly's Korner. This week we are sharing our blogging tips! I think this is a really fun topic because I am constantly trying to improve my blog! 

I feel a little silly sharing my tips though! I have been blogging for three years and I still feel like a baby blogger!

Here is what has helped me the most. These are not all my own ideas, just things that I have learned from my bloggers night out and personal opinions! :)

1) Be yourself. I really struggle expressing my full self because I am a total nerd and just a little crazy! Sometimes I feel like that is just a little too much to handle... but every time I open up and really share my heart I am glad I did!

Thomas and I this summer at my cousin's wedding

2) If you don't feel like posting, don't force it! I typically get "bloggers block"... I had my worst case when I was working and would come home pretty much brain dead. I kept trying to make myself post but it just wasn't clicking. I still try to post regularly, but I'm trying to relax and remember this is my way of sharing about our lives so that we can have it to look back on. Once I take that pressure off, I feel so much better and I don't stress if I skip a few posts! 

3) Keep it simple. This may be because I am a simple minded girl, but I have the hardest time reading blogs when there is too much going on! I would rather read a huge long blog post with a million pictures than try to read a blog that I can't really navigate through or read because of crazy fonts. Not to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, this is just my preference.

One of my first blog headers! I didn't even have a header for a long time! 

4) Connect. I love the world of blogging because of how many other moms I can find and connect with! We all share something in common...we all love our children and families and love to blog about it! I try to always stream my posts on facebook and twitter. I also connect with Arkansas Women Bloggers and other blog networking sites. Those are really fun for me because I've learned about so many new, cool blogs through them! 

Blogging started as a way of updating my family but it has turned into an outlet for me. I would not blog if I didn't enjoy it.

One of the first pictures I posted of miss Anna-Kate in 2008! 

 Most of all I love sharing little bits about my day and knowing that I'll have it here so I can remember. I plan on printing out blog books, so my children can look back and see what our lives were like. 


Sunni said...

Your little girl is adorable!  

Leslie said...

Great post and very cute blog by the way!!!!!1

Rachel said...

Love your blog. Great post.

k_lawlis said...

Great advice!! Found you on Kelly's link-up and I wanted to tell you I enjoyed your list!! =)

Amiee Ogden said...

What a great idea to do a blog book! I'm sure your children will cherish all those memories. Love the pic of your daughter with the hydrangeas :)

Kendall Thornburgh said...

You daughter is SO cute in that little dress!!!  And I just love the name Anna Kate.  Thanks for the tips!

Jdaniel4smom said...

I love the tips! Each one is so true!

Shea Albrecht said...

Thanks so much for your tips! I'm extremelyyy new to blogging, so I thought I should look back on these posts for some good guidance! =)  

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