Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in Franklin Part 2

 Tuesday afternoon we went to my Dad's to celebrate Christmas with him. 

We watched Despicable Me... it was pretty cute!

Then we exchanged gifts! 

Anna-Kate loves play dough!! 

Thomas finally got into unwrapping presents only he decided to practice that on Anna-Kate's gifts! 

I think this was when she was doing her girly squeal :) 

It's true...

We stayed and played at my Dad's for a while.

Wednesday morning my grandmother had a special treat for breakfast. Krispy Kreme snowmen doughnuts! They were so cute!

Thomas loved them! Anna-Kate eventually left hers and Thomas didn't waste any time taking over the rest of hers! He kind of likes to have something in each hand when he eats. 

Anna-Kate and I met my very dear friend, Stephanie and her son Jeff for lunch at Chick-fil-a. Anna-Kate absolutely LOVES going there! She always asks if we can go to "chicker-way". When we were on our way she helped me find it and when she finally saw it she let out the biggest, girliest squeal!

We had so much fun visiting and playing. After they lost interest, we decided to take a stroll around Target and pick up a few things.

Jeff will be 4 in just a couple of weeks! He's so big!

Jeff helping Anna-Kate unbuckle... it was so sweet!

When we got back Thomas woke up just in time for a snack while I got dinner ready! He loves eating apples. I have to watch him because he will just pick one up and bite into it but he doesn't have enough teeth to really chew the peel well.

Anna-Kate is my clementine girl. She could eat her weight in clementines if I let her! (Don't worry, I don't!)

My mom and sisters came over for dinner. I made poppy seed chicken. It was really good! 

Thomas was a little curious about the girls in the bathroom... 

Aunt Sara was painting Anna-Kate's nails and then Anna-Kate got to paint Aunt Sara's! :)

So cute!

Lukey Luke playing!

My mom got Thomas the cutest set of wooden blocks! I think they are beautiful! I probably spent a little too much time playing with them... haha!

Anna-Kate got this CUTE little cooking bag with the wooden utensils and a box of white chocolate cupcake mix with raspberry frosting! I might be "playing" with this gift too... ;) 

Thomas finally discovered just how cool the tree was! Thank goodness it was towards the end of our Christmas so we didn't have to fight him too bad. He kept pulling the ornaments off the tree and bringing them to me- he was so proud of himself! 

I'm telling you, we are so richly blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful family! :) 


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