Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Franklin

We left Searcy on Monday morning to go visit my family in Franklin. Anna-Kate and Thomas did pretty good in the car- thank goodness! It is about a 5-6 hour drive, so that's not easy on a little one. 

When we got to my grandparents, we visited and then they let us open gifts. (I left my camera in the car so I don't have any pictures of that!) One of the things Thomas got was a tickle me elmo. I thought he would love it, but it completely scared him! Elmo starts off standing up and then laughs so hard he falls on his bottom and then lays on the floor. He eventually stands up but it's all the movement that frightens Thomas! I tried to get him over the fear but he's still not impressed. 

My grandmother completely surprised us with a dual screen portable dvd player for our car!! We were SO excited! Our car has never been quieter! :) 

After we exchanged gifts we got ready to go see my Dad and his side of the family. Two of my Dad's sisters came and their children and grandchildren! It was pretty crazy! Thomas and Anna-Kate had so many babies to play with! It was so much fun because I know that is how it was for my dad when we were all younger. 

There were a lot of people and it was pretty crazy so it took Thomas and Anna-Kate quite a while to warm up. 

We ate and visited and then we decided to attempt a picture of all our little ones! 

Thomas and my nephew Luke

Here goes: Luke (7 months), Anna-Kate (3 1/2), Thomas (14 months), Declan (5 years), Kara (8 months), Miles (almost 3), Willow (8), Edan (9 months), and Emberly (4 months)

We exchanged a few gifts. Let me just say, when you are 3 1/2 and are on your 7th Christmas "party" you start to expect presents at every gathering. I'm embarrassed to say that's how Anna-Kate acted! ha. She started seeing gifts and saying "I want to open presents." Then we would open gifts and she would say "I want more presents" or "I never get any presents" haha. It was so bad! Oh man. Thankfully, we are on present detox and hopefully by her birthday she won't be so greedy!  

When I was going through my pictures I found this one. Looks like Aunt Jessie and Anna-Kate "borrowed" mommy's camera! Too cute! 

As we were wrapping up I walked in the other room and caught Anna-Kate, Willow and Declan hanging out in the recliner. 

We had so much fun visiting with everyone. I especially loved getting to see family that I haven't seen in forever! 


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