Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolutions!

This year I have a few resolutions I want to share here so maybe we can stick to them! ha. They're really not all that big. 

First, I want to simplify. Derek is starting a new job, Thomas just started daycare (yes, sad but true. more on that later) and we are no longer preaching in Lepanto. I just feel like there are so many changes going on. I have a tendency to want to do everything I can and be busy but this year I'm trying to say no to myself! ha. I really love being super involved. Along the same lines of being simple around here I want to keep our routine simple and easy.

I'm going to try to cook our meals for the week on Saturdays and then just freeze them. Then we don't have to worry about rushing around and trying to cook dinner while the kids are under our feet. I want to work on getting everything laid out the night before so that our morning routine goes smoothly. 

My second resolution is to fully commit to paying off our debt. Keeping my first resolution in mind, I just want to have the first step done. That is saving a certain amount as quick as we can. Derek and I are already working towards that and I am so excited! 

I just have one more resolution. That is to figure out what I want. ha. Sometimes I feel so lost and I know it's normal but I feel like it's time to do something about it. I want to make progress towards finding myself. 

That's that. I'm not really one to make and share my resolutions but here's to a New Year! 


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