Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I saw this on my friend Amanda's blog and I've been inspired to switch over from my "Wordless Wednesdays" posts! I mean let's be honest... when am I ever wordless?? ha! 

I'm loving that we are halfway through the week and are so close to the weekend! It's supposed to be nice and sunny outside! Guess who's going to be spring cleaning... Derek! Just kidding, I'm going to be helping him too! 

I'm loving this smiling face... Thomas has had a rough week from teething and he's finally back to his happy self! 

I'm loving Thomas' new fishy kisses! He makes the best fish face. 

I'm loving Anna-Kate and her pink lips from drinking "lemonlade." Everything she eats leaves a ring around her mouth! 

I'm loving our home Bible study group. I feel so encouraged and strengthened every week. I think we have a great group! 

I'm loving watching making fun of the Bachelor every week with my friend Joanna! Those girls are ridiculous. Of course my favorite is when Derek jumps in with his point of view with what's going on. He's going to love me for saying this- but he is fully caught up with all of the drama and agrees that Michelle needs to go! 

I'm loving all of the new blogs I'm getting to read thanks to Jamie over at Little Daisy May, who came up with this idea! 

Hope you have/ had a great Wednesday! 


Greer's Gossip said...

Your blog is also too cute!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! Such precious children! :)

Emily P. said...

love your sons eye lashes in the tub pic...a heatbreaker I'm sure :)

The Knotty Boutique Co. said...

Hello there!!!! I saw you were from Searcy on the Arkansas Blog and I am too!!! Just thought it was neat =)

Love love LOVE your blog! It's way too cute and your family is absolutely beautiful =)


Des said...

Your children are precious!! I love that beaming smile of his, how cute!

Ecboutique05 said...

Such cute kids ;)

I LOVE the Bachelor. It's sooo entertaining and amazing what people do on T.V. LOL!

I'm following from the hop.

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