Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being Dad: A Blogging Comeback

Where have I been? Maybe you have been missing my insightful commentary on parenthood....maybe not. Honestly, Nicki's posts are so fun even for me to read that I am almost afraid that my blogging would take away from her. I mean, who wants to read what daddy has to say? I've used this reasoning as an excuse to not blog over the last several months but lately I've been thinking about the all the reasons offering my two cents could be a good thing.

1. It makes wifey happy. Nicki doesn't bug me about it too much but I can tell that her blog means a lot to her. She loves to express herself and share her life with others. It helps her understand who she is and learn more about others as well. Getting more involved creates a whole new connection for us. We would be jointly contributing to the documentation and sharing of our family life which gives rise to all kinds of discussion and communication.

2. Dads need a voice. Moms are built different. Besides a uterus and an unnatural need to take pictures with blinding rapid-fire speed, Nicki has something within her that needs to share feelings. Not only share her feelings but to hear the feelings of others. Reading and writing about different experiences in parenthood help to advise and affirm how she is raising our children. That got me thinking that maybe I could use that kind of blog therapy too. Don't worry, I won't be buying a new bra to go along with my new found feminine side. No, I don't have to turn in my manhood to talk about fatherhood or life in general, I am actually embracing it. I have learned a lot about what Nicki goes through by reading about it here. So even if none of our readers are men, at the very least they may learn a little bit about what it's like from the dad's point of view. So everyone can benefit from the fatherly soap box.

3.Reflection. Life is tough. Sometimes you just have to find a way to digest it all. Maybe this is my way. Maybe I can understand myself while I am sharing myself with other readers. That's really what it comes down to, learning who I am and how I can be better.

So with all of this in mind I am please to introduce my new weekly blog feature: "Go Ask Your Mother." The title comes from the greatest advice a father ever gives ;)

So each week I will offer my perspective on a variety of family topics and happenings. I look forward to sharing a father's viewpoint with all of you. Of course the major plus in all of this is that you will probably appreciate Nicki's posts all the more :)


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good thing, Derek!
By the way, be that you who rang our doorbell and left your sign on our porch last night? Whoever it be, thanks so much! We want a remembrance of the young man who began his poli-tical career in Searcy, Arkansas before becoming the best governor, and President of the United States. We will want EVERYONE to know that we knew him as a child prodigy!!

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