Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween! (Lots of Pictures!!)

First of all, I just have to say that I'm sorry there are so many pictures!! I just couldn't help myself! I thought Anna-Kate and Ben were adorable! 

Tonight we went downtown with our friends Elizabeth and Justin and their little boy Ben! Anna-Kate was a flower girl in their wedding back in June. She and Ben have celebrated Halloween every year since they were born! It's kind of special. :)

Last year we decided to coordinate their costumes. Anna-Kate was Dorothy and Ben was the cowardly lion and Thomas was Toto! This year since they both had their outfits from the wedding, we decided it'd be mean cute to dress them up as bride and groom! haha! Poor things! 

My Aunt passed down a costume from her son, so Thomas was an elephant this year! I had a pumpkin costume from Anna-Kate's first Halloween but I decided that it would probably be a little small on Thomas, so I let my sister borrow it for my nephew, Luke! He was SO cute in it! 

Sorry, I couldn't help but share this picture!! It's adorable! And taken by the very talented Brenna Gentry, located back home in Franklin, Tennessee!! 

After we went downtown, we went to see Derek's parents and grandmother. If you couldn't tell by the pictures, Kristen was Snow White! We all went trick-or-treating at a couple of places. 

After that we went over to Elizabeth and Justin's house for some pizza and to watch the game! She made us homemade pizza! It was delicious!! 

We had a great time! 

Anna-Kate is staying here with Derek's parents tomorrow so she can go to the fall fun fair at our church here! She's going to be a cheerleader tomorrow. Or as she says it "a broken-footed cheerleader." :)

By the way, if you noticed her new cast, you can scroll down to read all about it! I don't usually do back-to-back posts, but I was trying to catch up! :)


Ashley E. said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!

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