Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cowgirl Day

Monday, was Cowboy/ Cowgirl day for Anna-Kate! I tried to explain to Anna-Kate that she was going to be a cowgirl, but she insisted on being a cowboy! ha! 

Everyone got to ride on the Harding Bus. Anna-Kate thought she was big stuff! It was pretty cute!

Excited to go on the hayride! 

Feeding the catfish

Time to feed the cows!

After the hayride we went to different stations with cowboy games and activities! 

Worn out! 

After the stations, they had lunch and then got back on the bus to go back to school!

We had a tough week but it was good!

Derek got a lead on a job, so that's an answered prayer. All we need is for him to get hired now! ha!

Anna-Kate went to the doctor today, a week earlier than we thought, because she had pulled some of the cushion out of her cast. We were kind of hoping that she would get the cast off but when they x-rayed it her leg wasn't quite healed. She's got to wear a cast for 3 1/2 more weeks! Poor thing! She chose a purple cast this time though! :)

Last night we went to a bonfire! Anna-Kate and Thomas were pretty tired because neither one of them had a good nap today, but it was fun. They held up for most of it! We left a little early though. I'm so glad we got to go!

Tonight we went trick-or-treating! Mega picture post to come! :)


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