Monday, October 25, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Nurseries and Kid's Rooms

Kelly's Korner is hosting a home tour and this week they are in Nurseries and Kid's Rooms! I thought I'd join in on the fun!! 

I had a post all typed up with descriptions but I lost it!! Boo!! So here are the pictures with fewer descriptions! 

Anna-Kate's room has changed to more of a big girl room, but I wanted to share her "nursery" too. We moved into our house when she was just over a year. 

 Here's Anna-Kate's "big girl" room! I'm still wanting to update it quite a bit, but here's where we're at now! 

When I was pregnant with Thomas I knew that I wanted to paint it blue and chocolate brown even if it was a girl! I really wanted to go out of the box and do the blue girls room! But I'm SO glad we had a boy! I really love his room!! 

This is Thomas' room when we moved in!! It was scary red and black! 


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