Saturday, October 16, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Thomas' birthday party was today! I forgot how hard it is to have a party for a one year old! Ha!

I don't think Thomas was too excited about all of the attention he got. But we had fun anyway! I'm pretty sure the pictures say it all! :)

The Pitcher's Mound :)

It was pretty subtle, but I set up bases all around. The Pitcher's Plate was in front of Thomas' high chair, Home plate was under the cakes and another base was under the center piece on the food table, one was under the cracker jack, and the other one under the gifts.

The table!

Baseball Cookies!

Ball glove cake and baseball smash cake!

Everyone got to take home a box of cracker jack!

Eating a little slider!

He had lots of helpers opening gifts! :)

Thomas' bud Jackson!

Time for cake!

Not so sure about it...


Thanks for sharing Alan! haha!

It's empty!

Thomas, we sure do love you!!

We really had a great party! I'm so thankful for such wonderful family and friends! We couldn't do it without you! 


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