Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! (Party Post)

Anna-Kate is THREE!!! 

Yes- 3!!!!!

She is a preschooler! 

I know- I can't believe it either! 

My sister made her this adorable tutu! I didn't get a lot of pictures of her in it so I plan on getting more later this week. 

Thanks Sara- You're the best!! 

Derek and I decided to have her party on Saturday. Anna-Kate has become really girly so I did a tea party theme! 

Anna-Kate asked for Kristen and her friends Ben and Savanna to come over. 

I found tea cups for each child and then the girls each had a party hat. I made everyone a cookie with their initial on it too! Their party favor was the tea cup, a hat and a box of cookies! 

Savanna is almost exactly a year younger than Anna-Kate. We love Savanna! She's precious.

I was SO excited when I found this 'Happy Birthday' tea cup!! 

Ben is a couple of months younger than Anna-Kate! They are so cute together! Poor Ben at such a girly party! He was a good sport though!

A friend of Derek's parents made this adorable tea pot cake! I was so excited! 

It was probably my favorite cake I've had for Anna-Kate! 

Anna-Kate had so much fun at the party! I'll let the pictures do the talking! 

I worked SO hard on my cookies! Even though I messed up the icing, I thought they were still pretty cute!

This is probably my favorite picture! Savanna wanted to love on him so bad!

Derek was not happy about this... ;)

Savanna's going to be a big sister in September! Her mother, Amber, is the cutest pregnant mommy!

Poor Anna-Kate was already worn out!

Anna-Kate had lots of helpers opening her gifts!

After everyone left we put on her favorite movie, Enchanted and cleaned up. When I came back into the room this is how I found her! Poor thing!

Today is Anna-Kate's actual birthday so Derek and I decided we would save our gifts for after dinner, so she could still have a special day today! I can't wait to share about the rest of her birthday in my next post! 


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