Monday, July 12, 2010

Ice Cream Anyone?

Thomas absolutely loves ice cream! I'm very cautious about what I give him in the way of sweets and sugar. I try to keep from all of it. Plus, dairy is not really something he needs to be eating yet. Or sugar!

But when I was in Franklin, I decided to eat a nutty buddy and well Thomas just would not let me get away with that. He turned right around and snatched it out of my hand! Funniest thing ever!

Last week I decided to buy some more at the store since it's been so hot lately! I figured Anna-Kate would like them too.

When Thomas woke up from his nap I took him outside and shared one with him. More like he shared with me. Ha. He is very serious about his food and ice cream is no exception! Here's a warning to anyone who tries to eat in front of him and thinks they won't have to share! Every time I took a bite he would follow the cone with his eyes and lick his lips. He eventually just decided he had better hold the cone for me.
This was right before he tried to eat an ant! Yikes!

Once Anna-Kate got up from her nap I let her get one too. Since Thomas and I had already shared one I thought we'd be ok. Nope! Thomas got so upset that she wasn't sharing! Anna-Kate finally gave in and decided to give him a few bites! Sweetest big sister ever!


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