Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pure Chaos

I have a little equation... 

1- 3 year old 

1- 9 month old

1 puggle

1 yorkiepoo
Pure Chaos! 

I know... Derek and I are lunatics! 

A few days ago, Reagan finally figured out how to get out of the fence in the back yard. Derek was in class and so my only option was to just let him inside! Yikes! He was really hyper at first. When Derek got home he gave Reagan a bath and cleaned him up a bit. We are working on a new fence in the backyard so we just decided to let Reagan stay in and see how it goes. 

The next morning I woke up with both dogs in the bed and Anna-Kate! Thomas joined pretty soon after. It was an absolutely crazy day since the dogs aren't totally housebroken and since Reagan is so stinking hyper! 

Maddie is my little shadow. Everywhere I go, she follows. Usually she's so close to my feet that I can't see her when Thomas is in my arms. (Which is most of the time!) When I sit, Maddie either crawls in my lap or lays as close to me as she can. 

Reagan is obsessed with Maddie and tried relentlessly the first day to get her to play with him! So... everywhere Maddie went, so did Reagan. I have my own little entourage! 

By the end of the first day both of the dogs had gotten really used to each other. Maddie perked up and started playing and Reagan wore himself out. Derek and I have gotten a good routine with them so the house breaking is going much better too! 

I never thought I would say this but I am actually enjoying having Reagan inside! He's such a mess. Anan-Kate and Thomas really like the dogs too! 

I'm still anxious to get the fence up so when both dogs are getting a little mischievous or when I need to clean, they can go out for a bit!  


Kertwomey said...

I have two small dogs as well, and am frequently amazed how much mischief they can cause the second I turn my head! Your yorkie-poo looks a LOT like my schnoodle (schnauzer / poodle mix) – its kind of amazing, especially the curly black ears, they could be cousins!! Check her out at

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