Friday, July 23, 2010

More Birthday Celebrations

Monday was Anna-Kate's actual birthday, so I had planned on making the day super special for her. 

The plan was pancakes for breakfast, eating at a place of choice for lunch, dinner of her choice and lots of love and kisses!! 

Anna-Kate and I got up and got dressed. I let her pick out whatever she wanted. She chose this birthday dress my great aunt got Anna-Kate last year "so she could twirl." It was really cute! 

Then she wanted to play with her new stamps and beads Derek's parent's got her while I made her pancakes. 

I started on the pancakes and then Anna-Kate got a couple of birthday calls. While I was on the phone, I accidentally let Reagan out without his leash! 

Once we got Reagan back inside, a package came for Anna-Kate from my grandparents. 

It was the cutest little sleeping bag! Anna-Kate LOVED it!

Before I could finish  the pancakes, Thomas woke up. I fed him and then occupied him with some cheerios so I could finally get Anna-Kate some breakfast! It was just such a crazy morning!! 

I thought Anna-Kate would love the idea of pink pancakes. She always chooses things that are pink. I guess I didn't think about it maybe freaking her out! ha! So she really only ate a bite or two out of each pancake and then was over them! 

After breakfast we played some and I got Thomas ready for the day. Pretty soon it was time to pick up Derek's sister and Aunt so we could all go eat. 

Anna-Kate loves the little hibachi grill that's here in town, so that was where she wanted to go for lunch. Derek's parents couldn't make it but Anna-Kate was still really excited to see Kristen. She, of course, had a blast!

Kristen wasn't so sure about things and Thomas was really sleepy so he didn't seem to enjoy it until the rice was done, then he ate and ate!

Notice all the rice in his chair! 

 Anna-Kate loves the whole idea of watching your food get made in front of you and eating "yotz and yotz" of rice! 

After lunch, I went to drop Kristen and Derek's aunt off but decided to chat for a while. We ended up staying until 3 and Kristen came back to the house with us. 

I laid Anna-Kate and Thomas down for their naps and let Kristen stay up and watch a movie. 

After Anna-Kate's nap the girls played really well until Derek got home. 

Anna-Kate wanted hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and broccoli for dinner! We ate that and then she was just going crazy to open her gifts. 

She was mad because I kept re-taking her picture! 

She had the sweetest smile when she was opening her gifts! She kept saying "Thank you Mommy. Thank you for my gifts!" 

Trying on her new outfit! 

Thomas was all about her new cash register! 

She and Kristen played until around 8. 

I think Anna-Kate had a good day! 


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