Friday, August 20, 2010

3 Years Old!

I'm sure it's getting a little old hearing about Anna-Kate's birthday! I have never put anything up on what she's doing, like I do with Thomas. 

Probably not the most fun read for you, but I have loved being able to go back and see where Thomas was at different points... so bear with me! :)

At 3 years old Anna-Kate...

Weighs 27 pounds and is 34" tall (2'10")

She is not really a picky eater. Her favorite food is probably broccoli. She loves pretty much everything. I try to encourage her to at least try everything on her plate. She is a little stubborn with that but still eats pretty good. Usually it's in spurts where she eats a ton for a few days and then she goes through another spurt where she doesn't hardly eat for a few days. She will never turn down chocolate though! She absolutely loves it!

Anna-Kate takes a 2-4 hour nap each day. The harder she plays, the longer she sleeps. 

She is sleeping around 10-12 hours a night. No matter when she goes to bed she is up by 7:30 am! I guess that will be great for when she's going to school. 

She is such a creative, imaginative little girl! Derek and I love to peek in when she's playing and watch! She loves to play school and be the teacher with her "class." She will set up stuffed animals and sing and play with them, although usually "everybody's not sitting down" and so someone has to go to timeout! haha. She's really funny about her pretend play- she gets really embarrassed if she knows we are watching her!

She loves to "call" her friends and tell them about her day. She will call her "best friends" Ben, Kristen or sometimes her imaginary best friend. Yes- she has an imaginary friend! Anna-Kate usually calls her "Kate-Kate" which is actually Ben's nickname for her! Haha! Last week, we were shopping for Derek's birthday present. He wanted a particular book and I was searching high and low for it. Anna-Kate asked for my phone "to play games" on it. I handed it over and didn't think much about it. A few minutes later I heard, "hi daddy, we are looking for your book. Mommy can't find it!" I looked at the phone and she had CALLED Derek and put him on speaker phone to tell him what we were doing! She then told him about the rest of the gifts we had gotten him!

I guess I know she can't keep a secret now! She gets that from Derek! :)

I think her absolute favorite thing is singing!! Anna-Kate will just randomly make up words to songs and dance around the house singing at the top of her lungs! She loves to listen to her children's music cd's in the car, which drives Derek crazy since he too enjoys music! I love that it drives Derek crazy, so I usually try to speak up for Anna-Kate! ha!

Anna-Kate loves to help in the kitchen! Anytime I'm making dinner or lunch she wants to be right next to me helping. I have to be careful though because she likes to taste everything so her little fingers end up in the food at some point. Her favorite part of cooking withe me is licking out the bowl, whether it is mashed potatoes or brownies!

She is such a joy in our lives. I love how sweet and caring she is and how that balances with her spunky and playful side. She loves to joke around. In fact, one of her new favorite phrases is "I'm just kidding!"

This is such a fun age, even though it comes along with some of it's own frustrations and "growing pains", there are so many laughs and sweet moments!


Ashley E. said...

Haha! What a sweet little girl!!!

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