Monday, August 16, 2010

Back From Vacation!

Ha- I wish! 

Actually we left the computer charger in Lepanto last week and decided to try a week computer free! 

What a rough week it was! ;)

I'll recap the week real quick: 

Monday Anna-Kate and I got a much needed hair cut. Then I spent the rest of the day catching up on laundry and housework. 

Tuesday I caught up on things around the house and then went to dinner and a movie with a friend! I always love it when I can take a girls night! Derek is always a good sport to do that for me! He fed and bathed Anna-Kate and Thomas! They were both in bed when I got home! I went to see Charlie St. Cloud. Derek made so much fun of me over that, but I actually loved it. I thought it was really sweet! 

Wednesday Thomas and I went to Little Rock and met up with Ashley and her daughter Addi at the Rhea Lana Consignment sale! I found so many good deals for Anna-Kate and even got Thomas a few cute things! Thomas was SO good while I shopped and really enjoyed flirting with people! I would be looking through clothes and he would just start saying "hiii" to everyone he saw! After we shopped we ate lunch at Mimi's. I had so much fun! Addi is such a sweetheart! It was really nice to chat with Ashley at lunch! After lunch we headed home for a much needed nap! 

Thursday Anna-Kate's friend Ben and his mommy Liz came over to play. They had  a bunch of fun but Anna-Kate can be a bit overbearing with Ben. He's so sweet to Anna-Kate though! 

Friday Derek got to take the day off and he spent the morning getting our fence started! Derek's dad also came over to help Derek use the jackhammer. He had to make 4 holes in our driveway. He got those finished and even put the posts in! He has 3 or 4 more posts to put up. The posts have to set for about a week before we can put the rest of the fence up. Hopefully it wont be much longer!! :) I really need to take a picture of the progress! Anna-Kate picked out all of her outfits for her first week of school! She was so cute doing it too! She even picked out a bow and 2 silly bands for each day! Haha!

Saturday was so nice because we had no plans! We just relaxed and enjoyed a nice day with the family! 

Sunday Anna-Kate, Thomas and I stayed in Searcy and went to church here. Anna-Kate had preschool orientation at Harding Academy at 1 so if we had gone to Lepanto, we would have been late, like Derek! :) I was just so grateful that he got to be there for most of her orientation. Orientation at 1:00 is a tough time for preschoolers! Anna-Kate was SO wound up and sleepy! I could tell she was really excited! 

We had a good last week of "summer"! 

Anna-Kate started preschool this morning! Stay tuned for the update on her first day! 


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