Monday, August 2, 2010

Master Derek!

I thought Derek would appreciate that title! Haha!

I am so very proud to say that Derek has completed his Masters of Business Administration degree- with honors!

What a great feeling it is! This is the first time that Derek is “class- free.” I know that he’s feeling so much better now that the stress of classes are off his back.

Derek graduated on Saturday morning at 10 am.

I went on early so that we could get a good seat. When I sat down I realized that my blog friend Whitney was graduating Saturday morning too! We sat right behind her husband and daughter and their family! Congrats Whitney!

Anna-Kate enjoyed playing with Eden while we waited on things to start. Eden even shared her goldfish!

It's hard to see, but Derek is in the row behind all the guys with the "bare" heads. He's sitting next to a girl with long hair. 

Finally a picture of me and Thomas! It's hard being the one who takes all the pictures! 

Walking out! Derek is the last graduate you can see. He's walking right next to the seats. Derek said walking in and out was his favorite part. I didn't get a picture of him walking in, so here you go Derek! 

It's about time we had a family picture! 

So proud of you!! 

You're done!! 

After graduation, we had an hour for lunch before Derek had to be back on campus to officiate a wedding!  While he was up there, he ran into some friends that he went to high school with, Ashley and Josh.

Ashley and Josh have a daughter, Addison who is about 3 weeks older than Thomas! She’s quite a cutie. I enjoy reading about her on their blog too! I was so sad that I didn’t get to see them!

I went home and let Anna-Kate and Thomas get an hour or so long nap and then changed Anna-Kate since she got her dress dirty at lunch. We headed to the wedding after that.

Derek got the wonderful honor of marrying Megan and Brandon Bennett. Megan is the sister to one of his best friends. It was a beautiful wedding! I wish I had gotten more pictures of it!  Megan was an absolutely beautiful bride! We felt so blessed to have gotten to participate is such a special event.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of the wedding! I seemed to be taking more pictures of Anna-Kate and Kristen than anything, but that was probably because they were a bit wild! 

One of the only times the girls actually sat down... 

The girls had several pieces of chocolate which probably accounted for their crazy behavior. I was a tad embarrassed because they ran all over the place! 

The girls tried to catch the bouquet, haha. 

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of our family!! 

After the wedding we all went home and rested!  I was so tired from rushing around all day that I didn’t feel up to cooking and so we decided to go out with Derek’s family and some friend that are visiting from New Jersey. They have two little girls, so Anna-Kate and Kristen enjoyed getting to play with them!

Even though we were in Lepanto, we spent most of the day just relaxing and resting up! Our week is looking busy already. Seems like Derek’s wanting to get a lot done now that he’s got a little bit more free time! I don’t blame him!


Ashley E. said...

Ahhh you look so pretty! I'm sad we missed you too! I had no idea Derek was officiating the wedding, ha! We're so grown up now. :)

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