Friday, August 27, 2010

Sick Mommy and Mischievous Pups!

This week has been a tough week for me! I started getting sick from my allergies Monday and did not start feeling better until today! Ick! 

The dogs didn't get their morning walks in until today so they have been such stinkers! Tuesday they raided the pantry and got into some boxed mixes on the lower shelf. Of course the boxes got drug into the living room and then ripped open! Wednesday when I got home after lunch the trash can had been drug into the living room and they had tried to claw it open! (Thank goodness for lids that snap closed!) Thursday the dogs got back into the pantry and pulled out a canister of oats and not only drug that into the living room, but they then decided it'd be best to finish them off in my bed!! Not the best day to skip making up the bed! Oh and one of them had gotten a box of jello and ripped open the packets on my sofa! I just wanted to cry!! 

Reagan is a very high-energy dog and needs lots of exercise so obviously I failed at doing that this week! I will be walking them too much next week! 

I'm glad to be feeling better finally but sadly Thomas is now sick with all of the congestion. :( Yesterday he slept so long I'm embarrassed to say. But when he finally woke up I knew why- he was not himself and seemed to be icky feeling! Poor little guy! :( I can't stand it when my babies are sick! He cried off and on since 1:30 this afternoon. It's just so unlike Thomas to be fussy- I know he really doesn't feel well! It was so hard to get him to sleep and usually it's nothing for him to be in bed by 6:45. I'm guessing it's his allergies but afraid that he might have an ear infection. 

I'm definitely looking forward to a good- productive weekend and a much, much better week next week!! I've got my first meeting of Ladies class on Wednesday and my first MOPs group meeting on Thursday!! And hopefully a make-up girls night somewhere in the mix! Can't wait! :) 


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