Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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There's your sneak peek! :) 
I'm loving that we were able to tile our kitchen this weekend! Don't worry, I will post a much better picture tomorrow!

I'm loving all 7 of the little puppies that Derek's parent's dog had on Sunday! They are so sweet! Anyone wanting a dog in a few weeks??

This obviously is a much older puppy, but I'm thinking they might look a little like this!  Wouldn't that be so cute?! 

I'm loving painted dining chairs! I was thinking of ways I could spruce things up a bit and I got the idea to paint my dining chairs! Our chairs and tables belonged to my grandparent's when I was growing up. My great-grandfather refinished the table but was not able to do the chairs. I am thinking of leaving the table and painting the chairs like a robins egg blue with maybe a little of the wood color showing through. Then I would recover the seat in a pretty little patterned fabric! I am wanting to paint my dining room a neutral/ tan color so I think this would blend nicely! I'm wanting to do this soon, so I hope I can! 

I'm loving the beautiful weather we had yesterday and today! I'm hoping it holds out for the weekend so we can enjoy some of it! I see a trip to the park in our future... :)

I'm loving the blog swap that Molly and Aly are hosting! You can click here to find it on Molly's blog! I've signed up and can't wait to go shop for something springy for my exchange partner! And well let's face it, we all love getting things in the mail too- so I'm pretty excited about a little something coming for me! ha! You should sign up for the fun too!

I'm loving my wonderful husband who PASSED the series 7 exam last Friday!! Wahoo!! He's studying for the series 66 exam that he will take next Friday. He has been working so hard and I just love him for the commitment he's made for our family! By the way, he's going to LOVE me for posting this picture! ha!

Of course, I'm loving my two cuties! 


jennifer_h829 said...

Your babies are so precious. And I love the idea of painting the dining room chairs! I look forward to pictures of the finished product.

jsmakula said...

Cute blog! I just re-upolstered my dining room chairs and I love how it updates the look! And, those puppies are adorable!

mollyhall said...

I LOVE the idea of painting chairs, such a great look! I might have to borrow that idea ;)

Thanks for blogging about the swap girl, I appreciate it!

Gail said...

Any time a house project gets crossed off the list it's a good day (or year! Ha!)

Love the chair idea. I happen to be obsessed with that turquoisey - robin's egg blue. I think it will look really cute.

Hubby passing an exam is a big deal. I know how hard my husband works to do stuff like that for his certifications. Ugh. Not fun.

We do not NEED a I cannot show my children. They are dying to get a puppy. (But those are cuties!)


emilysparker said...

i too LOVE the painting chair thing!!!! I just don't have the talents to pull it off...go for it though! and blog about it so we can all learn how :) this what i love wed thing is so fun and I love focusing on the positive things in life don't you?

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