Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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Hey y'all!! Can you believe I almost skipped out on this post this week?! I have had a pretty busy evening, but thankfully I'm a pro at fighting sleep... and I'm staying up to make this post! That's some commitment! ha! 

I'm loving that it's Wednesday- which means that it's almost Friday! Friday I have a day off but it's the first of 6 days off! Next week I am home every day with Anna-Kate and Thomas! I've already been planning what we are going to be doing. 

I'm NOT loving that Derek is going to be out of town Sunday thru Friday! :( Boo! 

I'm loving that we have a very good menu for this week! So far we've had stuffed bell pepper casserole and my spinchetti (I promise there will be a post about that soon on my food blog!). Anna-Kate was a little stubborn at first about not eating her "beggies" in the bell pepper casserole, but she did try them and loved them! Derek even told me that this was his favorite week of meals we've done! (Yay!!)  You can click here to see my menu or click on the 'Menu Monday' tab to see what we've done in previous weeks!

I'm loving that I found some fabric on Sunday to re-cover my dining room chairs! I found some fabric at a local store but then searched online and found this... for 1/3 of the cost.

I'm also loving that my dining chairs are in the process of being sanded and painted! We are trying out a color that we already have... hopefully it will match my fabric! :) 

Cindy Isom Photography
I'm loving all of the sweet comments I've received after Friday's family post! What blogger doesn't love comments? I felt so uplifted and supported... it meant so much to me. So thank you again for reading and caring! 

I'm loving this awesome picture that my Uncle found of my Dad's mom (we call her Nani) and Dad! His dad passed away before I could meet him. I just love this picture! I think they are so cute. My grandfather served in WWII and my dad mother was a German nurse during that time! She had 8 children and my father is the youngest. She is absolutely amazing. I'm proud to say that I was named after her too! 


Ashley said...

LOVE the Family pics! And LOVE the fabric ;)

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