Friday, March 11, 2011

Show Us Your Life- Kid's Birthday Parties

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner again this week to show you our birthday parties! 

We have now had 4 birthday parties, so I'm going to try to make this as short as possible!

Anna-Kate got two birthday parties for her first birthday! The first was in Tennessee with my family! We had it at a local park! It was very hot but lots of fun! You can go here to see Derek's post about her birthday.

The spread

Her cake! 

Matching smash cake

Baby girl eating her cake! :)
We had the other one in Searcy. We planned on having it at a park, but it was raining so we had it at our church. I mixed up the colors just a bit by adding a punchy red but for the most part it was the same. 

Her cakes were based off her invitation. 

I realized that green icing was not the best color choice for her smash cake! ha! 
Anna-Kate's second birthday party was an ice cream sundae theme... sort of. I went with hot pink and green colors and then we just had cake and ice cream. We set out lots of fun toppings for the sundaes! I was 7 months pregnant, so I wanted to keep things very simple! Click here to see the post about her party!

Before her party! 
The table all set! I used little glass dishes for the toppings. 
I had her cake made by a local bakery. It was really cute, but did not taste as good as the previous cake from a grocery store and it was more expensive! 
Anna-Kate's third birthday party was a tea party theme! I had so much fun with this party! I went to a local flea market looking for tea cups for each of the other children invited. (We invited 3). I also wanted each child to get a dress up hat and accessories. I found a "happy birthday" tea cup and then I decided to order everything else on ebay. Here's the link to her birthday party post!

I made cookies with each child's initial on them. Each child got to take home their teacup!
Anna-Kate with Aunt Kristen and Nini (Derek's mom)
Anna-Kate's tea cup
The cake! This is my all time favorite cake!! We had a woman from church make it and it was AMAZING! 
I worked really hard on these little cookies! 
We had fruit tea and little chicken salad sandwiches to snack on. 
Each child got their party hat and a box of cookies to take home too! 
Thomas' first birthday party was a baseball theme- who would have guessed?? :) You can read more about his party here.

The spread... we made little sliders and hot dogs. There were also chips and carrots and dip. 

Everyone got cracker jacks to take home! 
The baseball cookies I made! 
The cake was a baseball glove and his smash cake was a baseball! 
Eating his cake! 

Sorry if that was too much! :) I have loved planning their parties and already have a garden party theme picked out for Anna-Kate. I'm going to do something with the dirt pudding dessert I think.

For Thomas' birthday I'm thinking about just going with a color theme, but I'm not sure yet. I will probably narrow it down more here pretty soon!

I always try to be cautious with my themes because I know that they will soon have very strong opinions about what kind of parties they have! 


Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

That tea party party (ok, that sounds redundant!) was so cute. Adorable cake and cookies!!! My little girl loves having tea parties. know? I think you may have just inspired me for her birthday in a few months! :) Oh my. Two months. Not few. I better get busy.

She's going to be 8. EIGHT! I do not know how that happened. Blink twice and Anna-Kate will be next!

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