Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that it is spring! We have had beautiful weather this week so far! 

I'm loving that Derek is home. I'm no good without him! :) We all missed him so much. I know there are so many women who go a lot longer than a week without their husbands. I'm just a big baby! 

I'm loving that we are all back to normal this week. I loved being at home with Anna-Kate and Thomas but it's so nice to be back in a routine! 

I'm loving that I sent my package to my blog swap partner and that I received mine this week! More on that tomorrow. :) 

via Gymboree

I'm loving this adorable Gymboree dress and the matching sandals! 

via Gymboree
Aren't they so cute? If only I could get Anna-Kate to actually wear these sandals! 

I'm loving The Laughing Giraffe on Etsy! I saw that someone blogged about this a few weeks ago and I had to check it out. They have the cutest little dresses. I even found this little jon jon to match one of my favorite dresses! What's better than matching brother/ sister outfits?? A matching tie for Dad! Derek's not as thrilled about this idea... :) Click on any of the pictures to see them on Etsy. 

It's spring and there's so much to love! We are so very blessed and for that I'm thankful. 

What are you loving today? Link up and play along! 


Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Love that Gymboree dress and sandals! And of course, I love anything monogrammed. :)

I, too, love being back to my routine...or at least that I have the chance to attempt to get back to my routine. Not easy.

Loving my 75 degree weather. THIS is when I like living in So. FL. The rest of the so much.

Sophisticated Steps

kit said...

Great things that you are loving today!!! I love monograms!

derekandnicki said...

Thank you! I do too... I don't think I could have enough monogrammed items!

derekandnicki said...

Sounds like you have a lot to love this week! :)

It takes us a good week to get back into our routine. I wished I had an extra day at home (just me) to get things settled! ha. That would be nice!

75 is just right! We get about a week and a half of spring and then it's summer... with lots of humidity! ick!

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