Friday, March 6, 2009

Two-Tier Baby Cakes

Suprises are everywhere these days. It seems just when you think everything is settling down, here comes something else. I think God does this to keep you from getting too comfortable with life and relying on yourself instead of Him. Take this week for instance...

Monday night, Nicki and I were watching 24 over at my parent's house while I was working on our taxes. Nicki had been feeling under the weather for a day of so and was getting a bit worse. Tuesday she stayed home from work and was quite sick. I began to think critically about her situation and decided that there might be a chance she was pregnant but I didn't want to get her worked up over my speculation. We weren't planning on another for a few more years but recently we had talked about moving the time frame up.

By Wednesday, she suspected it too and I was off to Walgreens for the test. sure enough...positive. We are going to have a baby. I am actually very excited. We didn't have maternity coverage (though we talked a few weeks ago about getting it) and so I spent most of today calling around to get a ballpark on what it costs to have a baby. We qualified for Medicaid last time but there's no way that's happening now. Interestingly enough it's about $10,000 for a planned c-section (which we have to have) and wouldn't you know it, we just got a tax-refund (thanks to a first-time homebuyers credit) of about that amount. Isn't it funny how God works.

As you can imagine, alot will be changing here at Baby Cakes...after all this Cake is about to get another layer.
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